We serve as a boutique, limited-representation agency for authors of children and young adult, fiction and non-fiction.

About the Agency

Willow words is a “boutique” literary agency, which means we work with only a select few authors to insure that the author/editor relationships we establish can be serviced with the utmost attention, care and professionalism. We are a limited representation agency. Part of our mission is connecting talented authors with interested editors. We work with small and large publishing houses, with established relationships that help forge opportunities for authors and provide editors with top quality manuscripts. 

  • We represent fiction and non-fiction ms for children and young adult
  • Single project contracts 
  • Providing ongoing communication and guidance through all phases of the process of placing your work into the hands of the right publisher through publication
  • Contract negotiations
  • Opportunity to have a book signing at Willow Words/Arts Mill in the gallery. 

Our Team


Agent, Sheri Mabry. Sheri Mabry’s experience in the writing world began as an author. She is a published adult and children’s book author and has sold work to  national magazines. She has vast experience writing business content for various companies as well as curriculum for educational programs.  She has earned a MA in Curriculum and Instruction,  a BA in education and has over 30 years of teaching experience. She is the founder of North Shore Academy of the Arts,a non-profit organization that offers arts programming, including literary arts classes and workshops, to the community.   As a published author in a variety of genres, Sheri has experiential knowledge about the writing and publishing process which helps the writers and authors she works with accomplish their writing and publishing goals and dreams. 

 “I believe that writing is a powerful tool for expressing creativity. I am passionate about combining my experience as a published writer, author, and educator with my training and experience in the arts.  My goal is to mentor emerging writers and help my author clients to find the right publisher. Willow Words will nurture writers to successfully express,  and support seasoned writers so that their careers flourish.”

Our Growing Team

As a boutique agency, we pride ourselves in the motto, “quality vs. quantity.” That’s why we choose to represent only a few authors-authors who are wildly talented. It is why we represent manuscript by manuscript-stories that are deliciously powerful in the genre that they fall. It is why we have a quaint, small studio in a historic building next to a river  in a Midwest Village versus an expansive office in New York.  We like things this way.  It helps us to stay creative. 

However, we also pride ourselves in our mission which is, in part,  to offer opportunities to those who love this industry as much as we do. We know the value of collaboration and connecting-it’s what we work for and it’s what we are about-connecting authors and editors, and books and kids. 

To that end, we carefully and selectively welcome those unique individuals who qualify- to our team. We will know who you are.  You’ll be the one brimming with talent, overflowing with passion, and fierce in your determination to follow our mission to place quality literature into the hands of young readers-just like we are. 

We are open to welcoming someone as a freelance Literary Agent. For more information,  please contact me.

We look forward to meeting you.


Sheri Bestor

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E-mail with other inquiries: sheri@willowwords.agency

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