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Current News!


Feb, March, April Schedule for Sheri’s Classes ad special events at the studio. 

Please visit the Balancing Arts Class Schedule for other instructors’ schedule

Mondays, 6:30 Pm Classic Yoga: 

Feb 25, March 4 (sub-Laura), March 11, 18, 25 (Sub-Laura), April 1 (sub-Laura), April 8, 15, 22, 29
Thursdays, Mid Week Stretch, 9:30 am 
Feb 21, 29, March 7, 14, April 4, 11, 18, 25
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Yoga Nidra/Meditation/Sound (see description below)
Wednesday, April 29, 6:30 pm

Sound SongsAn evening of vibrational sound healing and meditation

Join us for an evening composed to relax, restore, renew and immerse you in the beauty of these ancient modern practices. Guided by three practitioners with experience in music, sound therapy and meditation, playing a myriad of sound and musical instruments, you’ll experience an interactive vibrational concert that leaves you feeling balanced, inspired, uplifted and peaceful, welcoming the opportunity to settle into silence and turn inward at the conclusion of the evening.  

March 22, 23, 24
Yoga For Trauma-Nation Wide Program-first time in Wisconsin: A comprehensive certification program that marries the emerging and developing field of traumatology with the ancient wisdom and healing of Yoga philosophy., principles and teaching. Open to yoga teachers, therapists, social workers, nurses, community workers, medical personnel, activists, educators, and anyone affected by, working with, or interested in working with trauma. For more information, go to Sheri’s yoga section of this website. Contact Sheri if you are interested in registration. Register before March 1st. 
March 27th
6:30 pm
Back by popular demand with an all new session! 



Balancing Arts Yoga and Well Being Studio News!


We are looking forward to seeing you at the studio to join us for yoga, somatics, acupuncture, movement classes, meditation, reiki, our new Vibro-Energy sessions, and more! We will continue to enjoy our classes on the outdoor nature deck when the weather is mild, where you can listen to the birds and the flowing river as you stretch and release.


This Month’s Class Schedule: visit this page to see the schedule of our ongoing classes: go to Balancing Arts Studio page, hit the link for the updated schedule

Classes and Private Offerings:

Classic Yoga: Mondays, 6:30 pm. A strength and balance, stretch and release class. Integrating pranayama and meditation. Concluding with Sound Energy (gong, singing bowls…)

Mid Week Meditation/Yoga Nidra/Nada Class: One Wednesday per month, 6:30-7:30 pm (you must pre-register for this class by txt Sheri in advance-262.719.4633)

Join others who want to develop or advance a meditation practice in this group setting. 

We’ll begin with a calming breathing technique before moving into Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice from the yoga tradition. Yoga Nidra, or “yogic sleep,” is an effortless state of being, experienced in a reclined position, that invites complete physical, mental and emotional  relaxation. With its many profound benefits, we will use it to deepen our practice. 

We will then move into a seated guided meditation, and then a  session of silent meditation. 

Class will conclude with the use of crystal singing bowls, gong baths and other sound/music designed to bring you into complete harmony.   

Accommodates all levels of meditators, including beginners. 

Private Meditation Training: Join Sheri in this one-on-one training where you will learn how to meditate with a step-by-step creative approach based on ancient philosophy and modern research. Sheri will privately teach and guide you  through the Life-Artistry Meditation program that is normally offered in a group setting. Call Sheri for details and to register. 

Morning Stretch-Thursdays, 9:30-10:30 am

Join us on Thursday mornings as we  experience the beauty of stretch and release with  Yin based slow-paced yoga  that includes a series of long holding postures.    Blocks, straps, sandbags, and bolsters are used to aid in the comfort of the yogi.

Self-Investment: $11 drop in. $10 per class with purchase of class pass of four or more 


Energy Private Sessions 
Join us for one of our private, Energy Sessions! A dynamic fusion of multi modalities that work with vibrations to initiate the body’s natural healing response.  Sound therapy, Reiki, and Vibroacustics are just a part of this relaxing session.   

“When I learned that Sheri was doing vibracoustic (sound and energy) therapy sessions, I signed up!  Now I call it “sonic massage” because, as a practitioner and teacher of massage therapy, I understand the therapeutic benefits of balancing the mind and body on a deep cellular level. Turns out that the research for Sound Energy healing  has  shown many of the same remarkable results from reducing anxiety, pain, heart rate, blood pressure , healing time as well as balancing circulation,  immune response, and brain wave activity. My own personal experience supports those claims! Comfortable, safe, noninvasive, and very effective.” BS

International Yoga Instructor, Luke Ketterhagen, is coming back to the studio to teach his dynamic class that integrates poses, breathing, meditation and discussion. 

This Spring! Look for upcoming details
For the class schedule, workshops, trainings, and more, visit the website. 

        Writing Services, Books, and Author Visits


 Writing is a beautiful form of expression. Be it a blog, content for your business, or a book you are writing to publish, Willow Words Writing Services offers services to support your creativity. Contact Sheri to schedule a private, online critique which includes a half hour, in-person or phone consultation. 

 “Sheri Bestor is the best thing that has ever happened to my writing career. I have studied picture book writing diligently, attended meetings, critique groups and expensive conferences, yet I probed in the dark. Then I found Willow Words and Sheri Bestor. With unexpected warmth and inspiration, Sheri taught me more in one critique letter than I had learned in all my previous study combined. Furthermore, she has demonstrated a sincere interest in my development as a writer and individual.Thanks, Sheri for turning on the lights and taking an interest in my work.”
Daniel Welborn ~ Writer

Coming Soon-More Books by Sheri Mabry: 

Soar High Dragonfly!
The Kid and the Chameleon
The Kid and the Chameleon Sleep Over
The Kid and the Chameleon Go to School

More Creative Arts
Visit for opportunities in the visual, performing and literary arts. Stop by the Arts Mill to see the current arts show in the gallery and the boutique with hand made art work. 


Be-ing In Nature & Moon Tide Designs                                                      

Connecting with Nature is a way to find balance, peace and surround yourself with beauty. Join us for upcoming classes and workshops or register for an individual eco-therapy session with Sheri.


WE ARE ONE necklaces:  With the purchase of a We Are One necklace you will be added to the Unity Map! The map shows where people are wearing a We Are One necklace around the globe and symbolizing their connection to the world around them! A portion of all profits will be donated to Global Giving. Join us in making a difference. to order yours now. 
Sacred Earth-Art
“Sacred Earth-Art” are designs created with reverence as a reminder of the beauty and sacredness of nature. Wear and receive the unique energy from earth’s art while contributing to the preservation of our living planet by respecting and honoring some of its most sacred gifts.