Learning in Meditation

We just completed the 10 week Life-Artistry Meditation Course. Being it was the first time it was ever offered, I wasn’t sure how it would be received, if it would run, and how it would go. Though I’ve been a teacher of one sort or another for over 30 years, it was challenging to write the curriculum. I needed to fit within these two hour segments, experiences and information that would support a lifetime(s) practice. I had a few people supporting me (my yoga teacher, my brother, a good friend, my kids) as well as this voice inside me (sorry to be cliche but it’s true) that it was time to teach this. Five guest speakers agreed to contribute, all of whom I have great respect. So I began with a good foundation. I just needed to see who would come…

Seventeen people completed the Life-Artistry course, and eight received teacher certification. These eight will be wonderful guides and whether they teach at Balancing Arts or do their own thing at their own place, I hope you seek them out to receive from their wisdom.

Because, here’s the thing…all of these folks (the eight/the seventeen) did come…they came to the studio, they came to the mat. They came to expand and share and grow. They came even if they were already life-long meditators and they came even if they had never bowed their head in sustained silence before. Together, they shared their strengths, inspired each other, helped nurture each others’ curiosity. They helped each other see new perspectives; they helped each other to really see themselves.

Meditation is a powerful exploratory practice, and when you combine it with beautiful beings that gather together, it is almost hard to put into words. So I won’t. I’ll share this photo of a boulder I found in the red rocks of Sedona instead-a vortex of indescribable energy known as the heart center. Where love is. That’s kinda what it felt like to be among these people each week. A vortex of love.

From these eight/seventeen, I learned much. They are all “Life-Artistry” teachers, living their Lights. And as I pack away the curriculum, and put away the malas, I realize how humbled and grateful I am to have been their student.

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