Talking about Yoga

I find that the more I learn about yoga the harder it is to even talk about it with people. That seems strange, doesn’t it? Especially since I am now a teacher who also practices daily. A writer even, so language should be my specialty. And maybe that’s why….

Yoga is loosely defined in that there are so many definitions–different meanings to different people so that, on a subtle level I believe it really cannot be defined. Language can’t capture it.  After all, can you really describe the color blue to someone and KNOW he or she sees it the same way you do? Or is it the perception? The perception based on each person’s own experiences within the class which is affected by his or her other experiences and perspectives down to the moments preceding even the 90 minutes filled with asanas, breathing and meditation.

So therefore, all I can say to others who say to me, “I’ve always wanted to try yoga…” is…Try it.

I remember being her. The one who nodded to yoginis thinking to myself I use my time more wisely. I remember thinking there are a lot of things I could accomplish in 90 minutes that would be a better use of my time than a yoga class. 

“I’ve always wanted to try yoga…”

Try it. It can affect your life in that it becomes a part of your life. 90 minutes into 90 years. 90 Minutes Transformed into 90 years.  I’m not a mathematician but I think I’d earn a “she is a conscientious student” on my report card for that equation.

And perhaps if you do try it, it will, just maybe, it will become a shade of blue that you can’t describe in words or feelings but you can sink into and know it is nothing short of truthful.

Maybe yoga is life and you and that realization that it is both as one is truth. That union. And that your blue and my blue might not look the same but we’ll end up drinking the same sky.

Yoga Incorporated.

I can talk about it. I can write about it. But I can’t put into words the essence of blue. Try it.

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