Presentations, Workshops and School Visits

 Sheri is available to give presentations on writing to both children and adults in settings such as classrooms, SCBWI events and writing/arts retreats.  As an agent, she is available to participate on panels as well as critique and review manuscripts. To find out about her availability, pricing and to book her, please contact,

“I’ve been a teacher at some capacity all of my adult life. With a Masters in Curriculum and Education and a BA in Education, I am at home in the classroom or with groups of adults wanting to learn. I’m a published book author. I’ve sold work to newspapers, magazines, and publishing houses, have published in a variety of genres including children’s, young adult and adults. I am the founder and literary agent with Willow Words Literary Agency. I have also founded a non-profit academy in the arts, where I have directed musicals for close to two decades.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, nature, kayaking, painting, creating jewelry, teaching yoga and meditation, and being a mom. I am passionate about fostering creativity and inspiring young writers. For more information, visit”​

Sheri Bestor

Current Workshop Titles:

1) Non-Fiction that’s Fascinating and Fun!

Description: Research can be fun? Kids will learn the secrets of writing a non-fiction piece that is not only fascinating to readers, but super fun to write! As an author of the award winning book, “Good Trick, Walking Stick,” Sheri will inspire kids during an  interactive, 60 minute workshop where they will leave with the beginning of a non-fiction story they are excited to work on and new information that will help them grow as writers!

Target Audience: Grades 1st-2nd, 3rd-5th.

2)  Being an Author

Description: An honest yet inspiring inside glimpse of the life of an author, from applying what you learn in  school all the way to publication and beyond! Insights from the published author, teacher and agent, Sheri will help you understand what it takes, and inspire you to keep writing, and how you can be an author while also pursuing other interests. Sheri will use her most recently published book as an example of the path from idea to publishing. 

Target Audience: This workshop works well with first through 8th grades, yet can be adapted for high school and adults. Students will leave with a clear understanding of one author’s journey,   while having the opportunity to explore their own interests in writing during the workshop. 

3)  Title: Agent Input:

Description: I’m available to serve on panels at SCBWI events, and to give critiques and one on one feedback on manuscripts. I am also available to speak with students about the role of agents. 

Target Audience: Adults: SCBWI events or other adult writing gatherings. Students-school settings, career day for high schools, etc.


I am the founder and agent for Willow Words Literary Agency. I am a long time member of SCBWI. I am an author, with work published for children, teens and adults. As an award winning author, I have been published in both fiction and non-fiction, both books and magazine articles, with my next book to be released in the spring of 2016. I am a contributor to Yoga International. I have my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and a BS in Education and am the Founder of a non-profit arts organization. I am the founder, practitioner and teacher of Life-Artistry. I am the owner and instructor for Balancing Arts Yoga and Well Being Studio, where I practice and teach yoga, somatics, meditation, vibration therapy, and yoga nidra. In addition to her writing, Sheri’s yoga practice has informed her other creative endeavors, including her painting and jewelry line, “Moon Tide Designs.”


– $500 daily, for up to five interactive individual classroom (of up to 30 students)  workshops per day.  (No all-school assembly. If you are interested in an all-school assembly, please contact me with your needs.)

– $250 for 1/2 day, which includes two interactive individual classroom (of up to 30 students) workshops per day, and lunch with students.

– Skype: $75 for one hour. $25 for 30 minutes

Additional travel, lodging and meal expenses not included, and would be applied when necessary.

If you are interested in scheduling Sheri, please send dates and needs to the email below. 262.719.4633 or

Publishing History:

The Mindfulness Journal, Peaces of My Day

Substance Abuse, The Ultimate Teen Guide

On With the Show

How to Organize Your Classroom

Good Trick Walking Stick (to be released in spring of 2016)

Writing also sold to:

Yoga International, Highlights Magazine, Weekly Reader/Read, Story Friends, Family Fun, Various Wisconsin Newspapers and Magazines

“Posing as a Writer,” (article published in Yoga International) and “Posing as an Author” (ms) are what the workshop is structured after.
“Weekly Reader, Read.”
“Highlights Magazine.” and more.

Sheri's office at Willow Words Literary Agency is located in the nationally registered historic building of the "Arts Mill" in a loft on the third floor.

For More About Sheri as an Author,

Willow Words was named in honor of the Willow Tree, which is symbolic of inspired imagination. The willow tree is known for its flexibility, being able to bend  without snapping.  Those who express through writing know that although the challenges may be great, with perseverance and flexibility, we can continue to grow and our writing careers can flourish. An actual live willow tree grows alongside the river just outside of the Willow Words Loft, in the Historic Arts Mill. The Enso symbol, found in the  logo, represents the creative process, and refers to the beginning, end and connectedness of all existence. It symbolizes a place of expression where a person is totally present so that pure creativity can arise.