Critique Services- Developmental Editing

Critique- Manuscript Developmental Editing

This service is the most comprehensive for those wishing to take their manuscript from rough draft to being ready for publication. It includes  editing and proofreading, and depending upon the genre of your project, you’ll also receive input on story structure, plot, voice, rhythm, character development, word choice, theme, presentation of facts, and possibly even your project’s place in the market. During your in-person or phone conference(s)  with Sheri, you’ll learn not only about your project, but about the craft so you can apply what you are learning to other future writing projects. You’ll also work together to make sure your project, story or message is expressed in a way that is most accessible for its intended audience. This is the most complete, full-service option for your manuscript.

Perfect for adults writing for children, adults writing memoirs and autobiographies, and those writing general non-fiction and fiction books. (If you are looking for someone to actually write your book, visit the “ghost writing” section of this page.)


__$85 for a picture book with a word count of 1,000 or less.

__$95 for non-fiction picture book, word count 1000 or less

__$150 for a picture book or non-fiction picture book of a word count that exceeds 1000 words, or the first two chapters of a middle grade novel

__$350 Middle grade

__$450 Young Adult (within word count)

___$48/hour for adult auto biographies, non-fiction, fiction, which includes in-person/phone conferences when needed and at the conclusion of the project.

___$25 Submission Cover Letter Critique

____Business Projects: $55 hour