Business Writing Services and Ghost Writing

Business Writing Services: 

From website content to blogs to mission and vision statements to marketing materials…Sheri will support your business writing to help you accomplish your goals. 

$48 per hour

Ghost Writing:

Do you have a good story, a meaningful message, important information to share, or life adventures you’d like to see in print?  Or are you involved with a non-profit organization that would like their story and mission shared? Sheri can ghost write for you, so that even if you don’t feel you are a writer or don’t have the time or energy to write, your ideas can still make it to print and become ready for publication.  This service involves one-on-one conversations so Sheri can learn who you are, the goals of your project, and about the project itself so when the manuscript is complete, you’ll feel like it is truly the story you wanted to tell.  

$48 per hour: all in-person/phone conferences, meeting, emails, research, etc. to write your book. An agreement/contract will stipulate the minimum/maximum time/fee per month to meet the needs of both Client and the availability of  Editor.