Author Visits

Sheri is available to give presentations on writing to both children and adults in settings such as classrooms, libraries, bookstores, SCBWI events, retreats, and business conferences.  She is available to participate on panels as well as critique and review manuscripts. To find out about her availability, pricing and to book her, please contact,

Sheri Mabry (Bestor)

Sheri Mabry- The Treasure Seeker

Children’s Book Author, Presenter, Teacher


The books that we treasure, whether it be a picture book, creative non-fiction, or early reader, begin with an inspired writer. I would love to present at your school, classroom, or event to share the creative process I’ve developed of taking treasures into print that will inspire young writers.

It’s an exciting year for me to share, because in 2019-2020 I’ll have six additional children’s books released!

Choose from the options below or contact me with a special request, questions, and to schedule a visit. (262.719.4633/

Author Reading, Book Signing, Question & Answer Session- Sheri will read one or more of her books, sign books, and answer questions in this traditional author visit.

       Audience: Ideal for 1st-8th grades. Individual classroom     setting. Contact Sheri if you are interested in a whole school assembly.

            Fee: $55 per presentation.  Additional travel, lodging and meal expenses not included, and would be applied when necessary. Contact Sheri for local/home town discount details.

Sheri’s Hike for Treasures-An Author’s Path to Publication

I’ll share what inspired each of my books, how I took that inspiration from an idea to print, and the journey it took to get there. Sometimes I lost my way. Sometimes the climb was really steep. Sometimes I wanted to give up. Most of the time it was an exciting adventure. I’ll share insights into my writing life that will get kids wondering and inspired to be creative in their own way. 

Audience:Ideal for 1st-8thgrades. Individual classroom setting. Contact Sheri if you are interested in a whole school assembly.

Fee: $75 per presentation. $400 for full day/up to 5 presentations. Includes lunch with students.  Additional travel, lodging and meal expenses not included, and would be applied when necessary.  Contact Sheri for local/home town discount details.

 Contact Sheri for local/home town discount details.

Become A Treasure Seeker-Where do you find a story idea that makes you so excited to write that you can’t wait to get back to the page? Writing both fiction and non-fiction can be fun and fascinating if you discover the perfect treasure to write about. The key to finding a good treasure that you can wrap your imagination around all begins with inspiration.

I’ll share the creative approach I’ve developed to help students discover a treasure that they will personally be inspired to use in a writing project, while teaching a method they can continue to use in their future writing, in school and out.

Audience:Ideal for 2nd-8thgrades. Individual classroom setting.

Fee:  $75 per presentation. $400 for full day/up to 5 presentations. Includes lunch with students.  Additional travel, lodging and meal expenses not included, and would be applied when necessary.  Contact Sheri for local/home town discount details.

Contact Sheri for local/home town discount details.

Sheri, of Willow Words Writing Services,  is also available for private tutoring sessions where she coaches in writing, supports the academic curriculum, and edits and critiques writing projects. Please feel free to share her contact information with staff and students:


“I’ve been a teacher at some capacity all of my adult life. With a Masters in Curriculum and Education and a BA in Education, I am at home in the classroom with students or with groups of adults wanting to learn. I’m a published, award winning book author. I’ve sold work to newspapers, magazines, and publishing houses, have published in a variety of genres including children’s, young adult and adults. I have experience as a  literary agent and own and operate Willow Words Writing Services, where I critique, coach writing, tutor, and edit to help others with their writing and on their path to publication.  I am the founder of a non-profit organization, North Shore Academy of the Arts, where I have directed musicals for nearly two decades. I also teach yoga and meditation. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, nature, kayaking, painting, creating jewelry, teaching yoga and meditation, and being a mom. I am passionate about fostering creativity and inspiring young writers.”

Publishing History:

The Mindfulness Journal, Peaces of My Day

Substance Abuse, The Ultimate Teen Guide

On With the Show

How to Organize Your Classroom

Good Trick Walking Stick 

Soar High Dragonfly

The Kid and the Chameleon

The Kid and the Chameleon Sleepover

The Kid and the Chameleon Go to School


My Mindful Walk with Grandma, 2020

The Circle of Family Giving

Light the Sky, Firefly

Writing also sold to:

Yoga International, Highlights Magazine, Weekly Reader/Read, Story Friends, Family Fun, Various Wisconsin Newspapers and Magazines

Yoga International
Weekly Reader, Read.
Highlights Magazine, and more.



Breakout Title: Posing as an Author-the Yoga of Writing 

Type of Session: Two Day Retreat   

Description of Presentation: 

 The idea of writing a book to be published can be daunting, and many talented writers never accomplish their goals simply because they don’t have the practical tools needed to carry through and stay focused. Being an author takes strength, balance and flexibility-not unlike the benefits derived from a yoga practice, an ancient and proven method of movement that develops our flexibility, strength and balance, not only on the mat, but off. Writing also takes presence, focus, and creativity-which aligns with the systematic approach to meditation. This workshop will give writers strategies for staying focused, calm, and centered, while developing a writing “practice,” with concepts derived from yoga and meditation to unleash creativity and transform the words and stories hidden deep within and onto paper. Infused with writing activities, yoga sessions, relaxing yoga nidra sessions, nature experiences and meditation training, this full scope retreat will inspire your creativity, enhance your writing, and equip you with tools, tips and techniques help align you with your nature, and nurture your well being to help you reach your full potential on the mat, on the page, and in the world.  


Sheri Mabry is the founder of Life-Artistry, inspiring the beautiful expression of a holistic life-style and passion-to-purpose life-work. Life-Artistry specializes in Writing Services and Well Being Practices  through the creative branches of Willow Words Writing Services, and Balancing Arts Yoga and Well Being Studio. 

Sheri is the founder of Willow Words Writing Services with experience as an editor, critiquer, tutor, and literary agent.  She is a published, award winning author, with work published for children, teens and adults. She has been published in both fiction and non-fiction, both books and magazine articles, with six additional books being released by 2021. She is a contributing author to Yoga International. She has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and a BS in Education and is the Founder of a non-profit arts organization, North Shore Academy of the Arts, inc.  She is the Owner and Instructor for Balancing Arts Yoga and Well Being Studio, where she practices and teaches yoga, somatics, reiki, meditation, sound therapy and yoga nidra. She developed and teaches a 9 step, systematic training program in meditation. She grounds all of her creative endeavors and teaching in a foundation of the natural world, and spends much of her free time roaming the woods and the wild to integrate the experiences into her teachings. Sheri serves the world as a teacher, author, artist, editor and entrepreneur. 


Presenter Experience:Presented and taught either writing or yoga/meditation at: the Greendale Book Festival, a Nature Treehouse retreat center in Costa Rica, North Shore Academy of the Arts, Balancing Arts Studio, Get Centered, Form and Fitness, Cedarburg School District, Sheboygan School District.  I have been a teacher at various capacities for over 35 years for all ages of individuals, from young children through adults. I have earned a teaching certification from UW Madison, and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. I have founded an arts school, a yoga studio, and a literary agency, all of which have given me opportunities to teach and/or speak.


Equipment Needed from Host Location 

1.     Podium

2.    An easel or wall to hang visuals. 

3.    Microphone- if possible

4.    Tables and chairs for attendees 

5.    *Private small room to meet one-on-one with attendees

Space Needed from Host Location

1.    Large space to move in (yoga) 

2.    Space for silence and meditation where open floor is available with some chairs

3.    Yoga Mats or beach towels (participants can be encouraged to bring their own) 

4.    Outdoor trails

*As part of the retreat experience, I’d like to include the option for individuals to register/pay for a private, individual critique session where they will receive professional feedback on their writing.  

Critique experience:Willow Words Writing Services offers professional critiques to people world-wide. (See testimonials from clients on website.) 


For a list of published work, please visit  

Sheri’s office at Willow Words Writing Services is located in the nationally registered historic building of the “Arts Mill” in a loft on the third floor.