Two Weeks

Two weeks in India…37 degree nights in a tent. 73 degree days in the sun. Smiles. Honking. Cows wandering. Trash. Meditation. Hindi. Curry. Polluted air. Flowers. Millions of people. Ganga. Wild peacocks. Holy shrines. Naans. Kirtan. Seminars. Malas. Bucket bathing. Humility. Fire ceremonies. Homeless dogs everywhere. Sanskrit. Beauty. Swamaji’s caretaker. Honking. Smiles. Chai tea breaks each afternoon. Early evening prayers. New lifetime friends. Living outside. Sacred teachers. Kind strangers offering their chair. Kumbh Mela. Vegan meals. Learning. Raw humanity. Dirtiness. Brilliant bright colored clothes. Rupees. Endless noise. Yoga. Alchemy. Honking. Smiles. Sacred practice. Fourteen days of India.

This beautiful woman nodded a yes that I could take her photo, but only after she carefully covered her head and shared a gentle smile.

Vivid colors of dye among the drab drape of pollution.

At the confluence of rivers
A man and his son. A man and his beast.

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