To My Parents

When I was little, my parents used to give me gifts here and there like lots of parent do. Often, there was a note or a card, “To Sheri…”

One of the best gifts in my childhood was their encouragement for me to be creative. It seems that a continual message from them to me was, “To Sheri…write.” As a youngster, I’d sit against a tree in the woods with my collie and paper and pencil, and scribble out story after story, long winded drafts that could have been said in half the words (No comments here please, lol.) I remember how excited I was to show my mom and my dad. Though of course, early on, I learned that while publishing is important, ultimately, I shouldn’t write to receive praise from others…still, there’s something powerfully encouraging about the nod, the smile, the words from a mom and from a dad. “To Sheri….write.”

I never outgrew that excitement to share with my parents. This weekend, I’ll take my newest book, “Soar High Dragonfly!” to show my dad. He is in a retirement home now. His mind is filled with other things these days that keep him from recalling some of the details he used to recall, so I may need to remind him that this book is soon to be released. But I Have no doubt that the same smile he showed me 40 years ago, will spread across his face as easily as it did then. My mom died a few years ago, so unfortunately, I”ll only be able to feel her smile, and not see it. But when the book comes out in a few weeks, I’ll be glad that I’ve finally gotten a chance to give a gift back to them that says, “To my parents…”

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