I overheard a discussion that some folks here in India are taught to meet and greet every stranger they come into contact with as if they were an actual Deity, (which of course, is truth.) I’ve felt this greeting from them, first hand.

What if…always…anywhere, and everywhere, when people converged, they saw this in each other, no matter…

Instead of seeing each other for what they could receive; as a potential mate or possible friend or a maybe business partner…instead, they just met and honored and were grateful. That they were mindful in the moment of exchanging just the moment. And were, then, without definition, somehow connected…

They’d fold their hands together, bow softly, and smile from their hearts. “I honor the divinity within you.” Forevermore.

It’s how we conclude our yoga classes. Feeling this in a stronger way now, I’ll be slowing down, looking more into others’ eyes, being more mindful with those I share a moment with, and expanding this gesture off the mat and into the world with deeper meaning, conviction and sincerity.

Join. me? Namaste.

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