A few weeks across the globe

I had the privilege of traveling far and long to meet up with my daughters for a reunion in a place none of us had ever been. New Zealand seemed to me the synthesis of my favorite places on the planet-Telluride, and La Jolla, Bayfield, Costa Rica, the Switzerland Mountains and St. Lucia waters.

Vast golden fields with lazy sheep and grazing cows. Mountains and rainforests, rivers and oceans. Glacier and sunshine. Land of the Kiwis. Bungee capitol of the world. Rain and more rain. Glow worms and hot springs. Charming villages. Queenstown beauty. Adventures. Healthy lifestyle and friendly people. Manuka honey. Wool. Unfurling fern. Hiking the mountain. Beauty. Rainbows.

It was a foreign country, a place all its own, that reminded me of spots I’ve left bits of my heart.

Across the globe it felt like home.

Rainbows under a waterfall
When I travel, I wake up before anyone else that I’m traveling with, and head out to catch the sunrise alone. It’s a good time to breathe in the peacefulness of a place before it is filled with whatever fills the day and space. This time, I snuck around a few cliffs and came upon the break in the rock to see the sun peaking through the clouds. A lone bird, still waters…catching the sun slide into the sky in solitude.
The shores of NZ
One last NZ rainbow…
Mountain reflection. “Appear as you are. Be as you appear.” -Rumi
“Now we come together.” Waleed Aly.
When the clouds roll in over the mountains…

The colors of New Zealand

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