We Are One

When Whitnie was little, starting probably around four years old, I’d pull out the play dough and the paste. Wooden boxes to decorate with pretend feathers and shiny bling. And she’d stay busy for hours making presents for Grandpa and Grandma.

Those were quiet, peaceful times. They were simple. My worries involved making sure the glue was non-toxic and that I didn’t guide her too much so she could come up with her own creative ideas for creating.

Those times fleeted by before I had a chance to even notice.

Fast forward about 18 years to the other night. We spent the evening together. Our crafts spread out on the kitchen table. This time, I didn’t have to worry so much about toxic materials or guiding the project too much. This one, after all, was Whitnie’s idea. Her “We Are One,” necklaces were our project. We had several dozen orders to complete that night. Orders being shipped across town, across the country, and a few across the world.

Things aren’t always so simple now as they were back then. But that night… was quiet. And it was peaceful. And I realized, looking back and being present then, how moments can never be replayed, but they can be built upon. Which makes them new, and shiny, and dusted with a memorable bling.

As Whitnie concentrated on a charm, etching, “We Are One” in Thai, I closed my eyes, and breathed in the moment. I caught it this time. This Time…I caught. Consciously, fiercely, intently. And I whispered a prayer of thanks.

You can place orders for these necklaces on her site. A portion of the profit goes to Global Giving. And you’ll be giving a mom more special time to spend with her daughter.

We Are One.
Moon Tide Designs.

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