We came across this nest on a recent snowy hike, abandoned and empty. And I think the quote is a nice reminder of what empty, letting go, the exhale, can provide. “A nest of stillness.” Of course, this quote is talking about meditation, and it’s one of the reasons I paired it with the nest. (Don’t ask why I apparently have printed quotes along with me on hikes) But the nest can also be symbolic of how we see “empty spaces.” I’ll be the first to admit that at times, an “empty nest” can be lonely. Even scary, when you think about it. But maybe that’s the point. Because here’s what I realize. Like practically everything, there’s more to this nest than meets the eye. Though I’m no bird identifying expert, I’m believing that this tiny nest was made by a hummingbird. Hummingbirds make delicate nests to hold petite, jelly bean sized eggs snuggly. But remarkably, amongst the velvety lining and woven twigs, bits of leaves, and plant fibers that keep the eggs cozy, they also use spider silk, threading their nest together and anchoring it to the foundation. This silk isn’t just to keep it together, it is to help the nest to expand. Used brilliantly to allow space for hatched babies to grow.

We talk of this emptiness, of letting go, of exhaling, of creating space —often in yoga. And in meditation. And pretty much anything I teach. That nest of emptiness? We can brilliantly weave it together with invisible filaments that’s not only strong, but that will expand when we breathe in the endless possibilities. On the mat, and off. For me, scary then hatches into exciting. And adventure. Join us for class at Balancing Arts. Experienced, welcoming instructors. A beautiful sunny studio. A truthful community that gathers together. And invisible to the eye maybe, but always present, a foundation of support while you expand to live your light. Hope to see you soon. Www.balancingartsstudio.com #yoga #meditation #yogastudio#liveyourlight #wellness #creativity #lifeartistry

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