This is a photo I took the other day in a small patch of wild near my house. It is a picture of a tiny pond; more like an overgrown puddle, set in the middle of winter when the temps were 4 degrees or 2. I took the photo because it was inspiring to me, that the ground could be completely frozen, yet bubbling up from a source I couldn’t see, was this pure spring water. 

It won’t freeze. Not if it gets colder. Not if someone tries to block it, or divert it. Not if someone would cover it so no light could penetrate in. It won’t freeze over. Ever.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and because I woke to a sunrise that was bleeding love colors into the morning sky, I couldn’t help but think about the word love. A sister sent me the word of the day: “Bhakti,” in Sanskrit, essentially means love. A sort of devotional love.

So, I asked myself, while I watched the sky turn lovelier, what is love to me?

The pond-puddle near my yard… it can’t help bubbling up.  It’s too full of its pure liquid treasure to keep it all in, so it overflows up into the world.

Some might not like a spring like this. After all, it can get your shoes wet. Could leak into your basement. Some folks might even fear drowning.

But to me, a spring like this is…well…  

Kinda of like what love means to me. A love without conditions.

Did you notice the shape of the pond in the photo? If you look with wide open eyes, you’ll maybe see the shape I do?

A wild heart.  Not perfect. But still…it will never freeze over.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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