I came upon this cottage in some remote place hidden in a forest a few years ago. It looked small, and I imagined it dark inside, with cobwebs and dusty furniture. But I was mistaken. Through this door, behind this wall, was a beautiful garden. With wildlife, and sun streaming through the trees. Some blossoms opening on vines. And seeds popping up through the dirt growing into what they were meant to. Beginning April 12, Balancing Arts Life-Artistry will be offering a special program based on modern science and ancient practices. Designed specifically for teens, it’ll be yoga and meditation and life-artistry techniques. 

What does this have to do with beautiful discoveries found behind closed doors? My intention is that we will find this out each week in class. Registration is now open. #yoga#unlimitedpotential #teenopportunities #balance #lifeskills #liveyourlight

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