She walked up quietly and peacefully. We both stood and stared at each other for moments. I was curious. And tho I’ve been around deer my whole life (even held a fawn) I was filled with, I’ll admit it, a sense of wonder. She seemed so too. And she was alert. And ready to run or change course, if there was danger. But there wasn’t, so she didn’t. My grandma taught me that, like all of nature, deer will do what it takes to thrive. For instance, they create paths in the woods that become worn down trails-best to use the path of least resistance. These paths are like a habit, and unless there is a threat, or bad conditions-they use the same ones over and over. It takes less energy. I realize how this is similar to what we do, in our minds. Our thought patterns follow neuro-pathways in the brain-worn paths. If we are used to walking along the “stressful” trails, that is how we will live most of our life. It’s like a habit. Being stressed can become a habit and it is how we will react to not only the big things, but little things. And for some, stress just becomes a way of being. BUT, if we focus on new ways of thinking, and are invested in these thoughts with emotion, we can make new paths in our brain, like deer make new paths. So what I realize-through experience-is that the practice of meditation isn’t just a feel good -in -the -moment thing. It is changing our brains. It is making clear new paths so that life is experienced in a new way. So when something imperfect comes up, we take the path that helps us respond with less stress, more patience, more balance. More grace. Life, then, is experienced like this-this more beautiful way. Like a quiet walk in the woods. Where everything is at peace. Together. Where we can experience curiosity. And a sense of wonder. Imagine that! Balancing Arts is offering an inspiring, thought provoking Life-Artistry meditation program. Learn more about the brain and meditation? Jim Morningstar,PhD, will be one of our guest instructors. The program begins Jan 18. For more information, visit Hope you’ll join us. See you on the trails. #meditation  #peace #creativity#dontmissout #yoga #life-artistry

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